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GlowPuff is a Developer for Web, Mobile and Desktop

GlowPuff is a Developer for Web, Mobile and Desktop


a professional website, built just for you

Get a professional website built to your specifications and budget. You'll get a modern design that is responsive and looks great on any device, at any screen size. Choose between a single page site, a dynamic, multi-page website driven by a user-friendly Content Management System, or anything in between. Your vision, brought to life, affordably.

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Mobile Apps

a custom mobile app for your business

GlowPuff has published over 20 mobile apps across the Android, Windows and Windows Phone app stores. A mobile app is a must for any business wishing to fortify their digital presence.

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Case Studies

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Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society

The Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society (LMARS) was looking to distinguish itself from all the other "ham" radio clubs in Central Florida.

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Professional Medicaid Help

MaryJo needed a professional looking website and marketing materials, but didn't have the time or know-how to do it on her own. MaryJo chose GlowPuff to help her get started.

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Legacy Apps

For Windows and Windows Phone

GlowPuff has published over 20 games for the Windows and Windows Phone platforms. In 2013, GlowPuff became the grand prize winner of the Microsoft Ultimate Experience Contest for Best App on Windows Phone.

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Quick Pic Save

Quick Pic Save is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to quickly save a picture on any web page. A popup button appears when you hover the mouse over the image you want to save. A setting allows you to specify a folder to save to, as well as an option for button placement over the image.

Quick Pic Save

Glow Blog

An easy to use, mobile responsive, single-author blogging system that uses Firebase for authentication and JSON Web Tokens to enforce security. Glow Blog uses a flat file system for speed and simplicity over using SQL databases.

Features a WYSIWYG editor, author authentication, tags, archive, and media uploading.

Glow Blog

Clean URLs

A simple system to implement clean URLs on your static website, using php and .htaccess.

Clean URLs are readable, user-friendly URLs for websites that describe the underlying resource. For example, instead of www.example.com/news.html, the "clean URL" version of that address could be www.example.com/news.

Clean URLs

Channel 9 Interview

On Microsoft's DevRadio Program

Joe Healey interviews GlowPuff, creator of a highly successful series of games for Windows Phone. Tune in as GlowPuff walks the viewer through his game as well as what tools he used to create apps for Windows Phone.

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