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GlowPuff is a Developer for Mobile, Desktop and Web

Legacy Apps

For Windows and Windows Phone

of the microsoft ultimate experience contest

GlowPuff has published over 20 games for the Windows and Windows Phone platforms. In 2013, GlowPuff became the grand prize winner of the Microsoft Ultimate Experience Contest for Best App on Windows Phone.

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Quick Pic Save

A WebExtension Add-on For Firefox

Quick Pic Save is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to quickly save a picture on any web page. A popup button appears when you hover the mouse over the image you want to save. A setting allows you to specify a folder to save to, as well as an option for button placement over the image.

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Mobile, Desktop, and Web

Mobile, Desktop and Web technologies abound. Whatever your idea, GlowPuff wants to bring it to life. Whether it's a simple website or blog, a complex web app, a cross-platform app built with Electron, or an accompanying mobile app for Android, GlowPuff can make it happen affordably.

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Channel 9 Interview

On Microsoft's DevRadio Program

Joe Healey interviews GlowPuff, creator of a highly successful series of games for Windows Phone. Tune in as GlowPuff walks the viewer through his game as well as what tools he used to create apps for Windows Phone.

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