Mobile App Design And Development

Custom apps to showcase your brand

Expand your digital presence and add greater impact with a mobile application built to showcase your services or ideas. A mobile app can be a great way to enhance your brand or add additional functionality beyond your website.

A mobile app can be an extension of your website. It can be used to keep users interested in your brand or services. A mobile application offers unique ways to engage customers and maintain user retention.

GlowPuff has published over 20 mobile apps across the Android, Windows and Windows Phone app stores.

Find out what the combination of an attractive website and companion mobile app did for the Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society.

why choose GlowPuff?

attention to detail, affordable quality

Web standards, browsers, devices and screen sizes are numerous and always changing. Today's technologies are replaced by tomorrow's advances. GlowPuff builds modern websites to your specifications that are standards compliant and responsive, enabling them to look great on any device and screen size.

  • Simple websites - Includes static websites and one-page websites. These sites require very little maintenance and don't need to be updated frequently, or at all.
  • Dynamic websites - These websites are driven by a Content Management System (CMS), a user-friendly editing environment that allows you to add and edit pages and content at any time.
  • Mobile App - Have a custom app developed that showcases your brand and services. Get published in the Google Play Store.

Whether it's something simple, or a robust online presence, GlowPuff can realize your vision and affordably bring it to fruition.

Expand Your Presence
Fullfill your vision by enhancing your brand beyond a website.
Add Additional Functionality
Add functionality that normally wouldn't be handled by a website. Engage your customers in new ways and retain interest in your brand and services.
Get Published
GlowPuff handles all the certification and content requirements to get your app published. GlowPuff currently publishes on the Windows Store and Google Play stores.