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Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society

Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society

The Website

The Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society (LMARS) was looking to distinguish itself from all the other "ham" radio clubs in Central Florida. With all the competition, they recognized the value in having a great digital presence in the form of a professional website that could attract new members and retain their yearly membership renewals.
LMARS approached GlowPuff with a desire to keep its membership informed with easy to find information about their club. They wanted Google Maps and Google Calendar integrations so they could surface events and locations to their members. LMARS also requested a way for new and existing members to fill out an online application form to easily start or renew their membership.
At the heart of the LMARS website is a user-friendly Content Management System that offers easy editing of new and existing pages through a WYSIWYG editor. The entire site is responsive to look great on any device, at any screen size.

The Mobile App

Looking to add extra value to their membership and go above and beyond what other clubs were offering, the LMARS Companion App was built. Useful for both new and existing members, the app contains the most important information a member needs access to, without needing to visit the website or even have Internet access.
Making contact with the club is easy with the integrated contact form. The app connects to a custom web API that runs on the LMARS website to send the message.
Lastly, LMARS needed additional functionality beyond what the website provides - information and tools any ham might need to access quickly and conveniently. First, there is a page listing the most common Q Codes used while making contacts over amateur radio. Then there is the dedicated Tools page in the app with a frequency to wavelength calculator. Finally, for any ham working with their amplifiers and radios, there is a handy Ohm's Law pie chart for easy reference.

mission: success!

LMARS needed a professional, attractive website that would enable them to stand out from the crowd and engage their membership. With all the other clubs in the area, they needed a way to burn brighter and make a great first impression to hams looking for a club to join. Their hope was to increase membership and retain current members, year over year.

Combining a great looking website with an engaging app that adds value to its membership allowed LMARS to fufill their wishes. New membership continues to increase. Existing members are renewing every year. LMARS has been able to stay ahead and keep itself relevant by making a great impression to new and existing members through a professional digital presence.

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