David Mock

I am passionate about improving my existing skill set while at the same time learning new technologies. As a one-man operation, I've taken GlowPuff from a small start-up to a profitable business. In the future, I'd like to see GlowPuff expand onto even more platforms.


Web and Mobile Software Developer

Founder of GlowPuff
Project Management and Core Responsibilities
  • Single-handedly conceptualized, designed, developed, debugged, and published over 20 successful mobile apps for Windows and Windows Phone, available in the Microsoft Store.
  • Created responsive websites, static and CMS-driven, with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap/Bulma, jQuery and PHP, focusing on client needs.
  • Responsible for app and website design and architecture, user experience, coding, graphics, 3D modeling, sound, animation, quality assurance, marketing, support, and budgeting.
Website Development
Front-end and Back-end Solutions
  • Designed and developed the front-end and back-end for a blog system using Vue.js, JavaScript and PHP, along with a flat file system database engine. Integrates Firebase user authentication, JSON Web Tokens, industry standard CRUD editing, and media upload capability. A JavaScript API provides asynchronous communication with my back-end.
    Available on my GitHub.
  • Built a Firefox web extension for quickly saving images from websites via a popup button to a user-specified location. Available on my GitHub.
    Available on my GitHub.
  • Created a clean URL system using PHP and .htaccess directives for clients who forgo a content management system, but still require user-friendly URLs. Available on my GitHub.
    Available on my GitHub.
  • Wrote a jQuery web app allowing users to select and download archived newsletters using an intuitive interface.
  • Wrote a jQuery membership processing application for new members, making it easier for new applicants to sign up.
  • Extended and refactored older, broken PHP plugins for the GetSimple CMS to work with updated versions, increasing their lifespan and usability.
Mobile Development and Workflow Optimization
  • Developed a highly specialized, multi-module core framework (GlowEngine) to expedite app turnaround time from concept to publication.
  • Implemented object serialization, complex scene management, 2D and 3D graphics and animation subsystems, and custom math routines to automate functionality for projects and greatly ease app development.
  • Designed and developed an online leader board service using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and SQL databases, resulting in increased user retention.
  • Optimized code for the critical memory, storage, and performance constraints imposed by mobile platforms, guaranteeing a solid and smooth user experience.
  • Created customized software utilities in Win32, WPF, and WinForms that aided app development and drastically decreased time to publication.
  • Successfully followed the strict technical and content rules required for certification into the Microsoft Store, leading to rapid app approval and publication.
Key Achievements
  • Featured and interviewed twice by Microsoft on their Channel 9 DevRadio program, leading to hundreds of thousands of additional app downloads.
  • Winner of the Microsoft Ultimate Experience Contest for best app on Windows Phone with over 5000 entrants.
  • Featured dozens of times on the front page of the Microsoft Store in various country-specific storefronts around the world.


San Diego State University

Bachelor of Science
Biological Sciences - General

Cuyamaca College

Transferred to SDSU


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Desktop Technologies
    C#, .Net, Win32, WPF, Windows Forms
  • Mobile Technologies
    Dart/Flutter, Android, Xamarin, Windows Phone
  • Web Technologies
    HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Vue.js, npm, webpack
  • Cloud Technologies
    Microsoft Azure

Awards & Recognition

  • Grand Prize Winner of the Microsoft Ultimate Experience Contest
  • Interviewed twice by Microsoft on their DevRadio Program - First, Second
  • Featured dozens of times on the front page of the Microsoft Store in various country-specific storefronts around the world, including but not limited to the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Russia, and Spain