Can you stop the zombie clown horde from taking over the circus? Non-stop ragdoll physics action awaits you as you battle the zombie infestation. Protect the tent by tossing and throwing the zombies around with real multi-touch finger action. Unlock powerful weapons as you progress from night to night and upgrade them in the Weapon Shop! Gain the favor of the Carnival Allies and unleash devastating super attacks against the zombies! Create your own battles in the Sandbox Editor!

  • 90 levels of addictive ragdoll physics action!
  • Survival Mode! Wave after wave of zombie attacks! How long can you survive?
  • Online Leaderboard - show off your skill to the world!
  • Sandbox Editor - create your own battles!
  • Powerful particle system for explosions, fire, smoke, gas, and zombie damage effects!
  • Full carnival themed musical scores!
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics draw you into the carnival atmosphere!
  • Progressive weapon upgrade and unlocking system makes you want to keep playing!
  • New zombie types introduced as you progress - face them all!