Go on a rocket adventure with Astronaut Susie as she guides your 2-5 year old through educational puzzles in space! Rocket Adventure continues the high quality presentation established in the first game of the series, Barnyard Adventure. Big, colorful, hand-drawn graphics and animation make the planets, rockets, Martian critters, and other shapes easy to identify and interact with. Astronaut Susie and her Martian friends are adorable, fully animated cartoon characters that guide your child around the planet using a dynamic, completely voice acted narration system. She is always on the screen offering clear instructions and encouraging verbal rewards. The bright and friendly voice, combined with a full musical score adds to the delight and charm of this game.

  • Fully animated and completely voice acted Astronaut Susie cartoon character!
  • Take part in an interactive rocket launch sequence!
  • Animated backgrounds and Martian critters bring the planet alive!
  • All new puzzles reinforce counting, letter/shape/color recognition, sequence identification, and cognitive thinking!
  • Dozens of touchable objects to interact with across 7 different mini-games. Randomized objects, numbers, colors, and shapes give infinite re-playability!
  • Bonus mini-game and voice acted poems for finishing every set of 3 puzzles! Touch the Martian critters and stars for points as they play hide and seek!